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Sick of paying for each and every game? Get any game you want, on request, or simply download it by a touch of a button. It may not be that simple to get the “paid” games for free, but we will always ensure that there’s one extra place for you. It doesn’t matter if you need GTA5 or Red Dead Redemption; we will make it possible!

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Have you had issues trying to find a good list of games? Long gone are the times when we could just press a “download” button and play the game we want. Nowadays, gaming has become different, has evolved, and not only in a good way.

Games Features

All the games have different features. Some of them come in as the best action games, some are Indie, others are just Horror. There’s a lot of games to play and not enough time!


Are you seeking games that are literally Lovely?! Games that can put you in a different situation based on your actions? Then look no more!

Indie Games

Big fan of Indie games but can’t afford to pay? No problem! We have it all. Get any Indie game you want, when you want, for free!

Space Games

Do you love space? Then you will love all the great games that our archive has. Be it space, Star Wars, or even Yoda itself – You can find it!

Magic Games

Magic games were a big time! Always fun, always take you into a world of fantasy. Play any magic class, rescue your friends, and have a lot of fun!

Think Out Of The Box

Why pay Steam thousands of dollars when you can have anything for free? Absolutely any game, but for free! Yes, some features might be unavailable, but it’s still Free!

Scan And Request

Can’t find a game you love? No problem! With our request a game option, you will be able to get it in no time. Of course, nothing comes instantly, therefore, you must wait!

Uncover the Whole Story

Do you want to know how we do it? Some people may ask: “How can you make available all these games, but for free?” Well, in simple terms – We just crack them! No, the games will contain no virus nor danger to your PC. Our professional coders are able to decipher a game, then modify it so everyone can play it for free!

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